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Auf der internationalen Londoner Buchmesse Book Fair

(16. - 18. März 2003) wurde am Stand der Frankfurter Verlagsgruppe das Kinderbuch "Von Iglu-Town nach Pingu-City" vorgestellt. Der FOUQUÉ-Literaturverlag präsentierte die Abenteuergeschichten von Tierkindern mit folgenden Worten:

buchmesse"Thomas Mac Pfeifer, From Iglu-Town to Pingu-City: The most ardent desire of the animal children living at the South and the North Pole and being penfriends fpr a while is to meet in person. No sooner said than done. The equator will be the meeting point - and the exciting journey begins. From the South Pole the following set off: Little Tails, the boy of the emperor penguins, Waddle, his friend of the chinastrap penguins and Tickles, the girl of the rockhopper penguins. At the North Pole five animal children were chosen: Growly, the polar bear, Little Floe, the arctic fox, Eskimonica, the girl of the blue hares, Gurly Purly and Wily Wail, the two seal brothers. On their long and dangerous journey they get to know unknown animals, make many new friends and have one adventure after the other. Thomas Mac Pfeifer, born in Freiburg/Silesia in 1944, lives in Berlin since 1949. There he works as freelance journalist and as editor-in-chief in one of the biggest German newspapers for tenants Wohnen in Berlin/Brandenburg. In his free time he writes poems, stories for children (How does a firefly flicks on the light) and children`s books (Winrich, the strawberry frog and his friends Hups and Pups) which were already broadcasted on the radio as bedtime stories."